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Comments closing on draft Integrated Transport Strategy

The long-awaited transport strategy for Queanbeyan-Palerang has been issued for public comment but you don’t have long.

True to form, the council issued the strategy and accompanying action plans just before the holiday period and wanted feedback by 22 January. In response to requests from a community group, this has been extended to 29 January.

Work that should have been done a decade again is suddenly claimed to be so urgent that the conventional time to rest and recreate in January must be forgone for those of us who care about this issue.

We continue to hold the view that a sustainable, integrated transport strategy should have been prepared before council decided to allocate substantial funding to roads – $86 million to the Ellerton Drive Extension (EDE).

The draft strategy toes the council line on the EDE, even though QPRC Mayor Tim Overall and Deputy Premier and Member for Monaro John Barilaro have confirmed the failings of the EDE as a CBD bypass. See

The transport strategy:

  • confirms many of the criticisms residents groups have made during the past few years about local transport and traffic planning
  • recognises we need a major shift from business as usual – dominance of private vehicle transport and lack of investment in alternatives, which it says is unsustainable
  • identifies shortcomings in current provision of services and facilities, and recommends improvements
  • acknowledges the social benefits of investing in more walkways, cycleways and public and community transport
  • notes the relationship of land planning to transport but doesn’t address the need to create more jobs locally or other ways to reduce the need to travel for work.

On the down side, the draft strategy regurgitates the council line on why it didn’t seriously assess building the northern bypass and Dunns Creek Rd, in preference to the EDE.

The transport strategy is also being done in isolation from the car parking strategy; the latter should be part of the transport strategy.

While the words sound good, there is a real risk that the actions recommended in the strategy will not be implemented:

  • there are no deadlines, only suggested implementation windows which extend beyond 15 years in some cases
  • there are no details on recommended advocacy actions and how they might be more successful than previous efforts, especially as three governments are involved (NSW, ACT, QPRC)
  • there are no details on how actions are to be fund

Read the draft transport strategy and supporting documents.

A copy should also be available at the Queanbeyan Library.

We encourage everyone with an interest in our transport system – and surely that’s all of us – to make a submission on the draft strategy. If your time is limited, read the executive summary, implementation recommendations and the action plans (mostly single-page maps) to get a good overview.

If you prefer not to register with the council’s online engagement system, send your submission to the council at: council@qprc.nsw.gov.au

Send a copy to the General Manager, Peter.Tegart@qprc.nsw.gov.au

And send a copy to each councillor. Remember, councillors get a staff summary of issues raised; they will only see a full submission if they receive it directly from you. Councillors’ contact details are listed here:

You can leave a hard copy of your submission and copies for councillors at the council administration office at 256 Crawford St.

Submissions can also be posted to: QPRC – Attention General Manager, PO Box 90, Queanbeyan NSW 2620



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